About Us and What We Do

About Ocean Energy Inc. (OE)

Ocean Energy Inc. (OEI) was founded in Houston in 1981 for the purposes of furnishing technical services to the Marine Industry. Early awarded contracts were related to the conversion of offshore boats in the 180-foot to 240-foot range for the geophysical industry. Additional contracts were obtained for the concept design and manufacturing design of submersible drilling rigs, floating restaurants, Alaskan crabbing/fishing vessels, dive boat modifications, tank barges, and deck cargo barges.

History Ocean Energy Inc. (OE)

1981 - Founded in 1981 by Bruce Johnson to provide Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in the offshore industry. Floating drill rigs, offshore boats particularly for the geophysical and dive industries. Floating construction equipment and crane barges.

1987 - First Major DOD projects. Consulting design on 180’ composite mine hunters for the US Navy. Consulting in construction management, contracts and claims for Intermarine, Lockheed, and Halter. Other DOD projects for the Army and the Corps of Engineers.

1995 - Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering for Floating Production Storage and/or Offload vessels (FPSO) for West Africa.

2002 - Acquired Schuller & Allan, Naval Architects with a long history in the offshore business and US coastal transportation, particularly articulated tug barges and ferries. Ongoing work with Corps of Engineers and consulting on deepwater floating platforms.

2006 – Conceptual  engineering and consulting in offshore platforms for Security, handling of dangerous cargos, including WMD, and container transit from the new mega container ships. Extensive consulting in coastal transport of containers. Applied for related patents. Founded Intermodal Transport Lines, LLC.